Log into any FTP server


SmoothFTP is a web interface to FTP. Simply log on to this website and transfer files from/to any FTP server.

Key Features:
» Serving users since the year 2000

» Enables FTP usage behind firewalls
» No client software installation required
» Clean, Quick and Intuitive user interface
» Upload, Download, Delete, Rename, Chmod, Filter files
» Change Dirs, Make Dirs, Delete Dirs, Chmod Dirs
» Upload a ZIP file and contents are unzipped during upload
» Entire directory structure of ZIP file created during upload
» Download Multiple Files and Dirs as single ZIP file
» Download Files as single Self-extracting executable files

FTP Server (optionally enter :port)

User-id (leave blank for anonymous)

Password (leave blank for anonymous)


SmoothFTP is created by Denish Inc. Our privacy policy is available here.
To contact us, please send an email to denny at denish.com.